Club 42, is a dynamic community based in Los Angeles, CA where youth from all corners are cultivated and supported on diverse pathways to success through sports, music, dance and esports programs.

Club 42 supports educational institutions that share this mission and works with partners to host events that expand experiences for the youth we serve throughout the Greater-Los Angeles area.

Club 42 supports youth education through tuition awards, tutoring support, STEM classes and other academic opportunities.  

Club 42: Who We Are 2016 Short Documentary
Video Credit: Matthew Gothard


In 2018 Club 42 began our eSports initiative.

Club 42 2018 Prince and Paup-stars Fortnite Fest ft. FazeClan at HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas to celebrate esports as a NFHS sanctioned sport.
Video Credit: Alejandro Reyes-Knight